Offer of service and engineering services in Russia for industrial equipment


Our service company has extensive experience and competence in the field of maintenance, repair of automotive electronics and industrial equipment, professional activities of equipment from various sectors of the economy.

Every day we successfully solve complex problems of identifying a malfunction, at the level of shortage, paying for the repair of components, searching for faulty blocks and modules.
Proposal of Wealth

If your company is engaged in the production, supply of industrial equipment, automation and professional equipment,

if your company does not have a representative office in Moscow and the Moscow region,

if your company does not have a representative office in Russia,

We will be happy to become available to customers!

Fulfill support and service obligations through us.
Save on your own representation and customer service without losing quality.
Thanks to us, you can remotely:
- investigation and commissioning of complex equipment
- to carry out maintenance, repair, modernization of equipment for its customers
- to carry out technical audit of the equipment.


General Director of the service company Panamaster - Achiadorme Stanislav

+7 926 525-05-45